General: Category A Asbestos Awareness (AsAw)
General: Category A Asbestos Awareness (AsAw)
£20.00 plus VAT Course duration - 1.5hours Asbestos is an incredibly hazardous substance that causes serious ill-health to anyone who disturbs it. For this reason, anyone who is likely to disturb asbestos in their work must have an awareness...
induction (dc1)
induction (dc1)
A Sample Induction Course
Roofing Industry: Category A Asbestos Awareness (NFRCAA)
Roofing Industry: Category A Asbestos Awareness (NFRCAA)
Roofing specific, Category A, Asbestos Awareness. Accredited by the IATP £20 + VAT Duration 15.hours (NFRC members get a 40% discount (£12 + VAT). Obtain the discount code through your NFRC representative or by emailing...
Working at Height (WH)
Health & Safety
Working at height
Working at Height (WH)
Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries in the work place. When working at height you should be fully aware of the potential hazards and legislation involved. Within this course you will gain the...